A Work In Progress!

Everywhere we look in Catasauqua there is a reminder of our town’s proud history.  Here in the Catasauqua Library, a dedicated and very knowledgeable group of volunteers has been systematically sorting and cataloging all manner of documents that have everything to do...

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Your Brain on Books!

Once our formal educations are complete, at whatever age, at whatever level, the reading we do most often is for pleasure.  It may come as a surprise that while we are enjoying the latest blockbuster, several really wonderful things are happening in our brains.  Even...

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What’s Fun and Good for You? Summer Reading!

Did you know that all across our country almost every town that has a public library has a  Summer Reading Program?   It’s true, and there’s a  good reason for that.    We all know  that Summer  interrupts school-based learning, and that at the beginning of each new...

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Rare Books, Container Gardening and More!

What do “Summer Reading Registration,” “A Plant and Bake Sale”, “A Family Movie,” “Rare Books,” and “A Presentation on Container Gardening” “ have in common? They are all happening at the Library in the month of May. We promise you that children aged 4 through High...

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A Unique Book Club, a Special Collection and an Upcoming Event!

Award-winning actor, producer, designer, library supporter and avid reader Sarah Jessica Parker is the honorary chair for the American Library Association’s  unique “Book Club Central.” For the Club’s readers,  Sarah Jessica is selecting books throughout the year so...

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Why Read?

Why read, you ask?  If you are already a reader, what I’m about to say will be “preaching to the choir.” And,  if you are reading this article, chances are you enjoy reading.  Please share what I am about to tell you with every one you know,  because reading can...

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Celebrating Black History Month

February Is Black History Month:  A message from pbs.org Here at Catty Library we are always looking for “partners” in the pursuit of excellence in literature and  life-long learning. The Public Broadcasting Service, PBS, is a major contributor to those goals through...

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New Books and New Programs for the New Year!

Each month, the Library team puts their heads together to buy the most interesting, most informative books that are sure to please the most people- the young and the not-so-young! Along with the New York Times Bestsellers, we also check out “Best Picks” from other...

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Getting in the Holiday Spirit

“Tiny Tim’s Holiday Message” For those of us who may not be familiar with Charles Dickens’ classic work A Christmas Carol, the last words on the last page read, “God Bless Us Every One,” spoken by  young Tiny Tim, a crippled boy, who is the heart and soul of Dickens’...

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Life-Long Learning at the Library

Giving Thanks “We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives.”  -John F. Kennedy, The 35th President of the United States "Thank you̕  is the best prayer that anyone could say. I say that one a lot. Thank you expresses extreme...

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Treat Yourself to our Online Databases

No Tricks!  Real Treats at the Library! On Tuesday afternoon, October 31st, from 1-3PM, Hartzell’s Pharmacy President Vincent Hartzell, PharmD, will present the next  “Hartzell’s Health Talks” with a program that will give you a customized “Medicare Prescription Drug...

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Spooktacular Stories

Catasauqua Library Presents a Variety of Family Themed Programming One of the goals of every library is to be a link in the chain of community information resources.  With that in mind, your Library is especially pleased to host Hartzell’s Pharmacy ‘s “Health Talks: ...

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Making the World a Better Place

Lessons in Making the World a Better Place: Summer Reading 2017! The Summer Reading 2017 “Build A Better World” themed programs introduced young patrons to the idea that even a child can make the world a better place and have fun doing so. Starting with the help of...

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Creating Lifelong Learners

It’s All About The Love of Reading! The Library’s Summer Reading programs are all about giving our children a variety of educational and recreational experiences that will inspire and encourage them to become lifelong learners. It should come as no surprise that...

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The Book Club meets every month on the first Thursday of the month at 6pm. Each month the group discusses that month’s book and decides what to read next. Sometimes members read the same book; sometimes members different books by the same author; and, sometimes members read a book of our choosing in a particular genre, for example, a biography.


The Library’s club devoted to, but not limited to, knitting and crocheting meets every week on Monday night from 5:30-7:30PM. At this time, members are finishing up their crocheted scarfs and beginning a knitted scarf. We all help each other. When members feel confident about their knitting and crocheting, we will take on a more ambitious project- perhaps a sweater!